Canada Guard Security uses the latest electronic management technology to monitor service levels, quality and transactional accuracy.    

Technology Systems


SureCommand is a highly secure, security and investigation information management system and professional network. The SureCommand system provides case management processes, exceptional reporting features and access to large amounts of security related information. The SureCommand professional network gives authorized users access to thousands of professionals who can provide guidance and support. The SureCommand system enables individuals and organizations to collaborate on security related operations to improve situational awareness, safety, and incident resolutions.

The SureCommand security management system is designed to integrate all security service activities into one easy to use and powerful database. It is made up of modules, functions, and features to enhance an employee's abilities. The system includes the Director, Legal, Human Resource, Customer Relations Management, Accounting, Scheduling, Supervisor, Guard And Investigator modules. The modules guide users through predefined wizards to prevent errors and streamline administrative processes. These modules are designed to improve the quality of service, monitor the operations, organize records, coordinate activities and calculate performance. The record keeping feature enables users to manage videos, pictures, audio files and organize digital occurrences and incidents. The SureCommand system also strengthens communications between members of your operation structure. Management can connect to what is happening with the real-time statistics dashboards.


SureCondo is a condominium management system. SureCondo provides a user-friendly online communication and management system for members of a condominium community. SureCondo offers a feature rich management system that organizes the activities of Property Managers, Contractors, Board Members, Security Guards and Owners.  The SureCondo system is free for condominium communities and will always be free.   

The SureCondo system offers features like:

  • scheduled maintenance and priority system
  • package delivery record keeping
  • incident reports
  • accounting
  • inventory management
  • billing
  • tenant profile
  • communication feature
  • bulletins and news updates
  • training and orientation program
  • safety alerts
  • amenities schedules
  • daily notebook
  • dispatch system
  • near field communication employee tracking
  • resume registry
  • board schedules and minute records
  • legal matter management
  • request for proposals
  • parking management
  • property listings
  • events calendar
  • human resources
  • document management

The SureCondo system is user friendly. SureCondo works hard to improve and expand the services offered.

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