Security Guards

Canada Guard Security offers the latest protection technology, best-trained Guards, monthly risk analytics, accurate patrol management system, and a strong support network. Canada Guard Security is focused on security activities only and employs security professionals only. Our Guards perform access control, camera monitoring, parking enforcement, mail delivery, patrols and report writing.



Canada Guard Security provides clients with superior security service for residential and commercial. Our services include package delivery management, parking enforcement, access control, camera monitoring, and performing periodic patrols. Canada Guard Security acts with integrity, respect, and honor and our mission is to protect you and your property.

Occurrence Reports

Canada Guard Security mandates that all Guards record a general occurrence every 20 minutes that describes the current activities on the property. At the end of every day, our Clients receive by email, a report that includes a copy of all the occurrences recorded by all the Guards on shift that day. This keeps our clients informed of the activities that are occurring throughout the day on their property. Because the information is recorded on a digital system, users can easily search for past occurrences, unlike traditional paper methods. Every customer will receive an analytical report at the end of the month that describes the level of occurrence activities. Canada Guard Security issues to every Guard a special mobile app to enter every occurrence reports. This app allows them to use the features of their phones that enable them to record through automated stamping on all report entries the; weather, time and GPS coordinates of where the note was taken.

Incident Reports

Canada Guard Security incorporates the most advanced incident management system that uses digital forms to gather important information including picture and video that is relayed to the proper individuals instantly. This enables us to attend, mitigate, and resolve the incident quickly. All incident types have a custom template that ensures no questions is left out and guides the Guards with a seamless recording process. The Canada Guard Security system will automatically send out push notification alerts to designated individual that could assisting in resolve the incident. Our systems have the ability to aggregate information to produce analytical and statistical information so you can visually see trends that will help you make better security related decisions.


Canada Guard Security provides patrolling services to deter crimes and inspect the property to report any maintenance issues. All Canada Guard Security personnel are equipped with a Patrol Verification System (PVS). This system is a special mobile application that connects the Guards with our Central Dispatch Department CDD to verify their location, record their reports and provide a channel of communication. This technology helps us monitor our Guards' performance and ensures that we provide the highest level of customer service.


Concierge Security

Managing residential properties is what Canada Guard Security does best. Canada Guard Security offers the best training that is specifically designed for managing residential properties. We understand the particular issues that exist within a residential property and have developed policies and procedures that work to best serve all the tenants. We direct our energy on ensuring all residents enjoy their property in harmony with others. You can depend on Canada Guard Security to add value to your residential property.

Camera Monitoring

Canada Guard Security Concierges monitor the camera system for your residential complex while on duty performing other tasks. Our Concierges will continuously scan the camera monitors to detect suspicious activities, identify individuals in distress and contact the authorities while offenses are in progress. This will give residents the confidence to enjoy their property while acting as a potent deterrent to any potential crime.

Access Control

Canada Guard Security concierges act as the first line of defense against intruders or unwanted guests. Our Security Guards have the training and the tools to manage access to the property. Canada Guard Security protects property by limiting access to only authorized individuals. With the help of advanced technology, Canada Guard Security members can distinguish and confirm the residents quickly from those who do not have authorization to remain on the property. This risk reduction method gives our customers the confidence they need to enjoy their residential environment completely. Our systems enable our Guards to record and verify access to contractors and other guests by requiring them to register their names and displaying their government issues identification. All interactions regarding access are recorded on our occurrence management system for quick future reference searches.

Parking Management

Parking management is a critical operation that requires precision record keeping and strict enforcement. Canada Guard Security maintains a parking management system that records a visitors parking frequency, time spent occupying visitor parking, and puts limits on how much time a visitor can collectively use in a month. Each visitor will have a limit to their stay, set out by property management and enforced by Canada Guard Security. The parking management system enables Guards to issue visit parking passes. Parking passes are printed with the building location information, vehicle details and the time limit of the visit. The parking management system prevents visitor parking abuse. The Canada Guard Security parking management system is also able to record the amount of warning and tickets that a vehicle receives. This system allows Guards to respond with progressive parking infraction measures. Residents of the building are given access to their visitor parking budgets and request remotely for a visitor parking pass.

Package Delivery Service

Canada Guard Security Concierges perform package delivery record keeping and delivery service. All packages received are recorded, secured, and residents are promptly notified of their package delivered. Canada Guard Security Concierges will notify residents by email and text messaging through an automated system that a package was received. This notification includes pictures and package details. Residents can also communicate back with Security to give delivery instructions.

Mobile Patrol

Site Inspection

Canada Guard Security offers mobile patrol services. Mobile patrol services will inspect the property for security or maintenance issues to prevent loss and deter crimes. The Mobile vehicle is equipped with communication, traffic control, recording, and first aid devices to help immediately respond to any incident. The Canada Guard Security Mobile Patrol Unit (MPU) is dedicated to investigating any unauthorized activities and inspecting the security of all door on your property. Customers will receive a daily report on mobile patrol activities and any pictures of incidents by our automated email report system.

Alarm Response

Canada Guard Security rapid alarm response team is a highly trained unit that can respond to any alarm together with emergency services. Canada Guard Security understands the need to feel that we can be there for you when you need us to be within a short period of time. Our Rapid Alarm Response Security Service provides our clients with peace of mind that their property and individuals are only minutes away from a fully trained and professional response team. This unit is designed to focus on responding to alarms and managing emergency situations. This unit will automatically be dispatched to a location when an alarm is triggered. The alarms can be triggered by a water sensor, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detector or intrusion alarm.

Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

The Canada Guard Security Parking Enforcement Unit keeps parking activities in order, increases traffic safety, protects the rights of the disabled and protecting the clients parking rights. Canada Guard Parking Enforcement Unit contributes to the overall safety and security of the property in which we serve. This is achieved through various strategies including enforcement, visibility, public awareness and education programs. The parking management system prevents parking abuse. The Canada Guard Security Parking Management System is also able to record the amount of warning and tickets that a vehicle receives. This system allows Parking Enforcement Guards to respond with progressive parking infraction measures. Residents of the building are given access to their visitor parking budgets and request remotely for a visitor parking pass.

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