Canada Guards offer camera installations, monitoring and service on all types of security cameras and security camera systems. We have over 20 years experience installing security cameras and cabling through both homes and businesses. We have done new building installations where the walls are up but no drywall is in place. We have done commercial buildings where we can run cabling through drop ceilings in an office area or open rafters in a warehouse or factory. Lastly we are also very adept at installing cameras on homes that are fully built. We carry HD cameras, analog cameras, hidden cameras, wireless cameras, IP cameras and more. Canada Guard Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes with varying technologies, resolutions, lens sizes and types, night vision capability, and infrared LED’s.



Canada Guard Security provides professional cabling and camera installation services for your critical security operation. All cables, recording systems and cameras are of the highest quality and all installations are tested and certified before customer handover. Canada Guard Security is fully bonded and insured. Our technicians are highly qualified with many years of installing experience. Our installation are clean and non destructive. All wires and Cameras are properly installed as recommended by manufactures.


Monitoring Centre

Canada Guard Security is a professional monitoring security agency. Canada Guard Security can inspect your premises to determine your camera needs. The advisor will locate through years of experience where the best place would be to place a live video camera. Our security camera advisors will also ask you a series of questions about high traffic areas, high risk areas, and your exact security needs. The team will be responsible for installing the video surveillance system on your premises. Once installed, the system can be programmed to work at certain times of the day, such as after-hours or at night. Whenever anyone enters the premises during this time, the system will detect them immediately. The Canada Guard Security camera system can incorporates strobe lights and audio voices to warn the intruder. The audio messages are usually polite but assertive, and the intruder will be asked to leave. If the intruder fails to comply, the a Canada Guard Security mobile team will be dispatched to resolve the incident or the police may be contact if the situation escalates further.


1. Canada Guard Security has a mobile response team trained and available 24/7.
2. Canada Guard Security camera monitoring is always on and recording without interruption.
3. Video feeds are transmitted in real time, and the personnel at the control and command center can see exactly what is happening on the premises.
4. Canada Guard Security only uses very high quality technology.
5. The Canada Guard Security camera monitoring security system is extremely cost effective.
6. Unlike passive security systems, the Canada Guard Security camera system will prevent crime before it happens. Its event-driven approach means that video feeds are transmitted in real time, and intruders are scared away before they have the chance to commit a crime.

The Canada Guard Security camera system solutions is part of our organization whole security infrastructure that can be used in auto dealerships, hospitals, museums, scrap yards, construction sites, government facilities, warehouse protection, estate protection, commercial buildings, and industrial or manufacturing sites.


Camera and System Maintenance

Technology performs best when it's regularly maintained. Canada Guard Security will replace any camera, recording device or wire that is not functioning as designed to ensure an uninterrupted service. Our monthly service plans are part of our one bill security solutions for your premises.

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